Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

ACS provides U.S. support for foreign and domestic chiller manufacturers with a view to expand product popularity and customer confidence.

    • ACS works to provide end-user support through OEM partnerships and multi-level collaboration.
    • ACS’ test/repair facility functions to provide accurate and traceable repairs that meet OEM specifications and approval.
    • ACS’ test/repair facility can stock and fill customer orders of OEM certified replacement parts.
    • ACS service engineers can be dispatched to provide on-site support.
    • ACS service engineers and technicians can provide remote diagnostic support on behalf of the OEM to the end-user.


    End-User Repair Service

    We service customers of every size from Fortune 500 to small businesses. Recognizing that different size organizations have different support needs; ACS is structured to be flexible and competent in our support capabilities. If you are a Small Business needing OEM parts or an Industry Leader requiring efficient and traceable turnaround of spares, ACS will work to fully support your equipment.

      • Test/Repair Facility: ACS is equipped to provide accurate and traceable repairs using industry best practices.
      • On-site service: From preventative maintenance to emergency support.
      • Multi-level collaboration: ACS will work with the chiller OEM, Tool OEM, and End-User to solve issues from prototype development to aging equipment.
      • Parts: OEM certified parts to manufacturer suggested replacement parts.
      • Remote diagnostic support: Contact us via Phone or email to assist with diagnosing issues, schematics, instructions, or advice.


      Chiller Parts and Refurbished Chillers

      Applied Chiller Service stocks and sells OEM parts for our Partners and can obtain OEM parts for any manufacturer. ACS has a refurbishment program for customers purchasing used equipment they require to be verified. We also make informed recommendations on replacement or new chiller that are application specific. ACS partners only with responsible sellers of new and used equipment.

        • ACS uses only approved OEM parts.
        • ACS continually researches, and updates discontinued or obsolete parts to obtain the manufacturer suggested replacement.
        • Refurbished chillers are certified to meet the OEM specifications by ACS. We perform testing and log data to ensure operational confidence.
        • ACS both refurbishes and sells chillers through a third party and refurbishes and certifies chillers purchased by our customers.